Wines and liqueurs of Piceno: excellence from land to glass

Rosso Piceno Superiore, Falerio, Passerina, Pecorino: enjoy a glass of the best local DOC and DOCG wines.

Ascoli Piceno and its province boast a variety of DOC and DOCG wines as well as a local traditional speciality awarded with the IGP label: the so-called vino cotto (literally “cooked wine”).

The Rosso Piceno Superiore is produced in an area that comprises thirteen municipalities in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, including a part of the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno. The history of this Mediterranean red wine is deeply rooted in this area, which has always had a strong winemaking vocation. Unlike the Rosso Piceno, a blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese that is produced in a rather wide area that also includes the provinces of Macerata and Ancona, the Rosso Piceno Superiore can only be produced in this very limited area, bordered by River Tronto to the south, the Apennine mountains to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east. The particular climate and soil conditions in this area as well as its special ageing techniques make this wine truly unique.

The Falerio, a traditional variety of white wine, comes from the same production area. In 1975, this wine was awarded the DOC label under the official name of Falerio dei Colli Ascolani; in 1997, Falerio’s official production regulations were updated and two local varieties of grapes -Passerina and Pecorino-were introduced in the blend, previously consisting of Trebbiano grapes only.

The Pecorino deserves a particular mention: originally, this very resistant grape variety could be found in the mountain areas of the Province. Following accurate scientific studies and thanks to the favourable soil conditions of the hills of Piceno, the growing of this variety of grapes has been reintroduced in the area. Awarded with a DOC Offida in 2001 and later with the DOCG label, today Pecorino is one of the most appreciated white wines in the Region and in Italy.



The acronyms and labels applied on our wines are a guarantee of commitment and quality for wine lovers as well as a recognition to Italian food& wine excellences, which winemakers and producers strive to protect and enhance.

  • DOC stands for Controlled Designation of Origin;
  • DOCG means Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin;
  • IGP stands for Protected Geographical Indication.

From "VINO AL VINO" , 1971

“Its charming red brick colour with golden shades, the strange, smoked and rough flavour of its
mild sweetness, so much more balanced than the viscous, sometimes nauseating sweetness of
Passito or Marsala wines. There’s something intriguing and deeply rustic and mountain-like in the
vino cotto: or at least in this vino cotto”.
– Mario Soldati

The Passerina wine comes in two different varieties: Passerina Bianco, a fresh, savory and easy-drinking white wine and Passerina Passito, a charming “meditation” wine. Try also Passerina Spumante, the perfect pairing to our typical stuffed fried olives or a seafood appetizer plate.

The DOCG Offida label also includes the Offida Rosso, which is mainly produced using
Montepulciano grapes, occasionally blended with other grape varieties. It’s an elegant, full bodied red wine with an excellent preservability.

While in Ascoli Piceno, do not miss a taste of the above-mentioned vino cotto.

The origins of vino cotto date back to the times when even grapes with low sugar content were
harvested and wine preservation techniques were not always appropriate: it was produced by slowly
boiling wine must in a large copper vessel until it reduced to a half or third of its original volume. From a similar technique, an extraordinary syrup called sapa, used as a cooking dressing in many local recipes, can be obtained (around 20 litres of sapa can be obtained from 100 litres of must).

Vino cotto is undoubtedly an amazing product, an old local tradition still very much alive in the Piceno area.

Its originality captured the attention of writer and wine expert Mario Soldati, who has mentioned it in his works on several occasions. Nowadays, vino cotto is produced according to specific guidelines that set ageing and IGP label standards.

Visit Ascoli Piceno and get to taste these local wine excellences, even if you’re not a wine connoisseur or a sommelier. Why not add a glass of wine to your experience? It’s at your fingertips.

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