The Great Ring of Borghi Ascolani experience: 100 km of wonders

Become the protagonist of the history and nature of the Piceno region.
On foot or by bike,  this seven stops tour full of emotions, adventure, and beauty will amaze you.


It is territory to discover in 7 days, either by choosing the whole trail and staying overnight having refreshments in the crossed places, or exploring it daily having some short trips. An itinerary tested last year in July by outdoor sports experts offers the best hiking experience, to fully enjoy this extraordinary beauty: This is The Great Ring of Borghi Ascolani (GABA).

Reconciling to nature, finding the right harmony, and discovering history, art, and tradition at the same time: an initiative linked to slow, sustainable, and proximity tourism, implemented with the contribution and support of the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno, the Municipalities of Roccafluvione, Acquasanta Terme, and Venarotta, conceived and promoted by the Le Marche Experience Association, specialized in responsible tourism.


  1. Nature and landscape variety
  2. Food & Wine and hospitality
  3. Marked routes
  4. Unexpected glimpses
  5. Healthy open air walking
The Great Ring of Borghi Ascolani experience, 100 km of wonders


  1. You have a short time and want to spend it in the middle of nature, history, and art.
  2. You are already on holiday in Le Marche or nearby Abruzzo and want to enhance your program.
  3. You live nearby and don’t know these magnificent places.
  4. You love the Piceno region and are also attached to these places.

The GABA route, an itinerary in 7 stops in the Ascoli inland

“A seven stops journey, through the magnificent hilltop villages at the foot of the Ceresa mountain range, the Monti Gemelli, Sibillini and Monti della Laga, including in the municipalities of Ascoli Piceno, Venarotta, Comunanza, Roccafluvione, Montegallo and Acquasanta Terme.

The historical-naturalistic itinerary’s common thread is the defensive system of the ancient Ascoli state, which in the Middle Ages could count on as many as 32 castles subject to its jurisdiction.

In the eternal silence of the medieval villages, the journey becomes a comprehensive experience to explore the most fascinating places in Le Marche, among the ruins of ancient castles and isolated hermitages.”

The path is presented in this way by the Le Marche Experience association, which is the reference point both for the planned excursions and for those who want to travel independently, providing information on how to organize and book room and board along the GABA route.


  1. From Ascoli Piceno to Venarotta
  2. From Venarotta to Ficocchia
  3. From Ficocchia to Abetito
  4. From Abetito to Forcella
  5. From Forcella toValledacqua
  6. From Valledacqua to Coperso
  7. From Coperso to Ascoli Piceno

GABA on foot or by bike: An emotional journey

The route of the Great Ring of the Villages of Ascoli was formerly imagined as a path for walking. It can also be done by bicycle, not just on foot, and now, good news for cyclists: Soon will be added a version of the GABA route dedicated to mountain bike lovers.

It is a unique, authentic, and exciting experience through these territories. This journey is perfectly suitable for every need.

GABA is looking forward to welcoming you

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