Top Museums in Ascoli Piceno: the “Antonio Marcucci” library museum

In Ascoli Piceno, there is a museum dedicated to the figure of Antonio Marcucci, a prominent figure in the history of the city, and founder of the religious order “Suore Pie Operaie dell’Immacolata Concezione”.

The museum dedicated to the Venerable Francesco Antonio Marcucci, nestled in the evocative area of ​​the historic center, between San Tommaso and Porta Romana quarters, is inside the Convent of the Suore Pie Operaie dell’Immacolata Concezione. The convent was built in the second half of the eighteenth century by the architect Maggi, and also today is the location of an important religious institute for youths education.

He is a remarkable person for the history of Ascoli: born in 1717 from a family of the Ascoli patriciate, he was a leading figure in the Roman Curia,  bishop of Montalto (1770), and then deputy manager of Rome (1774). He was the founder of the order of the Sisters of the Suore Pie Operaie dell’Immacolata Concezione. Having obtained permission from pope Pius VI in 1786 to return to the diocese of Montalto, in 1789 Marcucci moved into the new “factory” he wanted. He dedicated himself to the congregation he founded, which he enriched with furniture, paintings, and valuables made in Rome.

Many of his books on how to instruct the sisters in sacred and profane disciplines, to encourage them to study more and to take care of their intellectual and practical education are still available today, proving the passion that Marcucci dedicated to the education of the Sisters: an original and accurate formative project that combines the rigor of a rational approach with the will to strengthen faith.

The museum offers a rich and interesting exhibition that allows retracing the life and many of Marcucci’s activities, as well as the personal profiles of some nuns who have distinguished themselves over time for their charity. From the history of the birth of the first girls’ elementary school in Ascoli Piceno, up to the activity of Marcucci all over the world; all this while walking through the pictorial beauties and interior design, composed of ancient and prestigious furniture, enriched with objects and valuable decorations.

The library museum of Ascoli Piceno allows you to better understand one of the protagonists of the city’s religious life and to verify the originality of his project aimed to enhance the role of women in society.

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Make the best out of Ascoli Piceno

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